We exist to help evaluate, understand and improve impact in education
ImpactEd is a non-profit organisation that supports schools and education organisations to evaluate their impact, learn from it, and prioritise what is working best to improve outcomes for young people.

Find out more about our work in schools or with education organisations.
Tailored support and training to help better identify what outcomes you are trying to improve and how to do so, map methods to evaluate impact, and learn from the process
Digital platform making monitoring and evaluation easier and more effective, providing access to reliable measures of impact on both academic and non-academic outcomes, and automating data analysis
Through this process helping you to identify where and how you can make the biggest difference for young people, and prioritise accordingly to achieve the greatest impact
How we work
"High-quality evaluation is crucial to making a difference for outcomes for pupils. ImpactEd is leading the way in making this possible for schools and school groups."
Sir Jon Coles, CEO, United Learning
Why we exist
'What works' in education is not an easy question to answer. In our school system we invest substantial time, money, and energy in different initiatives and interventions to improve outcomes for pupils. These might range from trialling new teaching and learning approaches, to curriculum redesigns, to mentoring, academic or behaviour interventions.

Through a range of evaluations, we know that some of these changes will be incredibly effective. However, we also know that all too often such programmes can work against their intended aims. And it is often extremely challenging to reliably evaluate the effect that different initiatives have on pupil outcomes.

We established ImpactEd to help schools and those working with them better understand what is and isn't working in their context, giving them access to robust research methodologies to assess impact, and making evaluation quicker, easier and more effective.
"ImpactEd is transforming how schools approach their programmes, embedding an impact culture across the education system."
Dame Sue John, Executive Director, Challenge Partners
Our work with schools
We work with schools across the United Kingdom, helping them to more effectively evaluate the impact of their work. This generally involves support through wider partnership and use of our platform to build capacity for ongoing evaluation.

As well as work within individual schools, we collaborate with school groups and MATs, providing shared dashboards to help establish insights into what is working most effectively in different settings.

Our work with impact partners
We work with a range of organisations supporting young people directly or through partnerships with schools, including the third sector, universities and businesses.

These collaborations range from advising on and conducting external evaluations, training and support to build evaluation capacity in-house, and use of our platform to support easier and more effective evaluation in school settings.
"Working with ImpactEd has not only provided high-quality professional research support but has also sharpened our thinking about the many opportunities for current and future school development priorities and how we are developing inquiry in our schools. The partnership is helping to develop our teachers as reflective practitioners and grow a better understanding of 'what works' in our context."
Gary Handforth, Director of Education, Bright Futures Educational Trust
Our partners and supporters
ImpactEd works in partnership across the education sector to support monitoring and evaluation and build research capacity. To find out more about how we can collaborate, please get in touch by emailing us at the address below and we'll arrange a conversation.
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