Lockdown Lessons
Lockdown Lessons: pupil learning and wellbeing during the Covid-19 pandemic - final report
The outbreak of Covid-19 has contributed to an unprecedented level of change in our education system, with significant concerns about the impact of the pandemic on young people's learning and wellbeing.

Lockdown Lessons summarises ImpactEd's findings from 62,254 pupils aged 6-18 across England over a seven month period: the largest pupil-facing study of its kind in the UK. Throughout the project, we have made the data from our platform available to teachers so that they could respond in real time to findings from their own schools, making evidence-informed decisions about learning and wellbeing.

We have now published the final report from this project, collating findings from ImpactEd partner schools alongside practical recommendations and case studies.

Download the report here.

See below for supporting resources for the study and details on how to review the impact of remote learning or recovery initiatives in your own school or Trust.
Our Lockdown Lessons research has illustrated the importance of understanding the impact of the present period - not just in immediate response to the pandemic, but to support longer-term strategic planning.

To help, we are supporting schools to:

1. Evaluate and improve their impact. We have created a remote learning evaluation framework, free of charge to all schools, which provides a step by step guide to evaluating the impact of remote learning in your school. We have also updated the ImpactEd platform to support the impact assessment of recovery initiatives.

2. Understand individual pupil need. ImpactEd's learning and wellbeing diagnostic, deployed in our Lockdown Lessons research, is being used by schools to understand how lockdown has affected their pupils at group and individual level against the national picture as pupils learn remotely and as they return to school.

To access the free remote learning evaluation framework and find out more about partnering with ImpactEd, please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch.
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Further details on our Lockdown Lessons research

You can also access an executive summary of our key recommendations and a mobile-friendly version of the report.

We have also published two previous interim reports, covering data to the end of June and end of July respectively.

Finally, we have committed to sharing insights from ImpactEd's research with the sector on an ongoing basis. If you are from an education organisation interested in working with us to assess your impact, or a potential research partner looking to use our wider dataset, please contact us at