The ImpactEd Platform



ImpactEd provides a unique digital platform that makes monitoring and evaluation easy for schools.

Teachers are first guided through an intuitive process to select appropriate pupils for support. ImpactEd supports you in targeting a programme and thinking about its long-term impact.

You’ll then choose the outcomes the programme is intended to affect. These can include both academic attainment and a range of skills related to learning such as meta-cognition, motivation, self-efficacy and grit. ImpactEd matches reliable evaluation measures identified by our team of academic researchers and automatically generates any assessments for pupils to take.

Finally, you’ll access a live impact report showing the effect of the programme in your context. ImpactEd automatically gathers and analyses results, so there’s no marking or manual work needed. You can then use the results of that report to inform evidence-based decision making in your school.

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  • "High-quality evaluation is crucial to making a difference for outcomes for pupils. ImpactEd is leading the way in making this possible for schools and school groups." 

    Jon Coles, CEO, United Learning
  • “ImpactEd could transform how schools approach interventions, embedding an impact culture across the education system.”

    Dame Sue John, Executive Director, Challenge Partners
  • "The development of essential skills for the future economy – for example, creativity and problem-solving - will be key for pupils to succeed beyond the classroom, but reliably assessing them has historically been very challenging. ImpactEd is building the evidence base for how such skills can be best measured, contextualised and developed."

    Jed Cinnamon, Programme Manager, Education – Nesta
  • "Working with ImpactEd has not only provided high quality professional research support but has also sharpened our thinking about the many opportunities for current and future school development priorities and how we are developing inquiry in our schools. The partnership is helping to develop our teachers as reflective practitioners and grow a better understanding of “what works” in our context."

    Gary Handforth, Director of Education, Bright Futures Educational Trust
  • "Stronger school-led evaluation is one of the missing pieces for raising educational achievement in the UK. ImpactEd has significant potential as a way of building this capacity."

    James Turner, Deputy Chief Executive, Education Endowment Foundation
  • "Measuring attitudes to learning and making the connections to attainment is gold dust"

    Ann Rolland, Deputy Headteacher, St Michael’s CE Primary School
  • “This adds huge value for us in targeting resources and helping to evaluate our impact.”

    Steve Ward, Assistant Headteacher, Glenthorne High School
  • “A really impressive and comprehensive approach to evaluation”

    Charlotte Pywell, Head of French, Unity City Academy
  • “I could see us using this tool to great effect with our pupils”

    Julia Stead, Years 3 & 4 Phase Leader, Weatheralls Primary School